Computer Training


Image of desktop computer.The Whitby Public Library is committed to bridging the digital divide by offering a series of free hands-on computer training workshops. The workshops are designed with beginners in mind, but are also good for those looking for a basic skills refresher.

The workshops are intended to be taken in order. If you're not sure where to begin, give us a call and we'll help guide you.

• Registration is required for all computer training workshops.
• Workshops are held in the Computer Lab at the Central branch.
• Each workshop is between 1.5 to 2 hours in length.
• Participants receive a take-home manual with the content covered in the workshop.

For more information visit any Whitby Public Library information desk, call us at 905-668-6531 ext. 2020, or register online.                  


Computer Workshop Series

1 - Keyboard and Mouse Skills
• Master the mouse and learn about a computer keyboard's functions. No experience necessary!

2 - Computer Basics
• Learn about Windows, create and save a document, preview printing, and more.

3 - Intermediate Computers
• Format text in a document, create folders and manage files.

4 - Introduction to the Internet
• Learn about the Internet basics you need to surf the web.

5 - Internet Searching
• Learn to search the Internet effectively, saving time and finding the information you need.

*The Library reserves the right to limit registration*

Tablet Training Series


1 - iPad Basics

  • How to connect to the Internet, how to install an app, exploring the settings menu and more.

2 - iPad Beyond the Basics

  • How to back up the device, bookmarking websites, adjusting Internet browser settings, editing photos and more.


1 - Android Basics

  • How to connect to the Internet, how to install an app and exploring the settings menu.

2 - Android Beyond the Basics

  • Screen customization, bookrmarking websites, adjusting Internet browser settings and more.

*The Library reserves the right to limit registration*             

1-on-1 Computer Training

Have you taken our courses, had time to practice, and now need a refresher?

Sign up for a free one-on-one computer training session and we can help you on the road to becoming more tech-savvy. Traning sessions are located at the Central Library, are one hour, and are tailored to the area where you need help. For example, we can help you learn to:
  • Format your resume
  • Fine tune your searching skills
  • Complete an online form
  • Create an email account
  • Search the library catalogue and manage your account
  • Use the library research databases
  • A specialized topic of your choice
To register, visit the Central Library's second floor information desk, call 905-668-6531 ext. 2020, or register online.
The Brooklin Branch is also offering 30 minute 1-on-1 computer training sessions. To register at this location, call 905-655-3191.
Please note that we will not do transactions involving credit cards, personal information or banking instructions. Also, the library cannot offer technical support or assist with any problems you may have with their personal computer/laptop.

*The Library reserves the right to limit registration*

Resources to Help You Learn

Basic computer skills
For using the Internet
• To learn Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft PowerPoint

Online Tutorials
• Find video tutorials to common computer tasks on our YouTube channel.

• The Mesa Public Library's Mouse and Keyboard Tutorial

• The BBC, the Columbus Metro Library, and Alternet all have tutorials on Internet basics.

Online Resources
• Practice Using the Mouse:                                              
Mouse Practice @ SeniorNet                            
Mouse Exercises                                                

• Practice Using the Keyboard:
Peter's Online Typing Course
Power Typing
Krazy Keyboarding

• Find Information:
National Library of Canada
Digital Librarian
ipl2 (Internet Public Library)
Virtual Reference Library

• Troubleshooting and Support Websites:
Microsoft Support
Apple Support
E-How Computer Troubleshooting Technology & Troubleshooting Forums